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Award-winning journalist, activist and educator

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Award-winning journalist, activist and educator Bruce Guthrie is honored to embark on his speaking career sharing the ongoing dangers of opioid addiction and spreading awareness of fentanyl-tainted drugs nationwide.

Guthrie Shares Personal Tragedy to Fight Drug Abuse and Educate the Youth

Guthrie was motivated to share his experience following the tragic fentanyl poisoning that led to the sudden loss of his son in March 2021.

The process of opening up began with engagements at local high schools, including a notable one at Carrollton High School, and participating in drug education rallies within his community.

Through these experiences, Guthrie recognized the profound influence he could exert on the younger generation, illustrating the devastating effects drugs can have on individuals and their families. He reflected on his journey, saying, “After the loss of my son, I experienced a phase in my life that I never expected to go through.”

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Recent Speaking Engagements

About Bruce Guthrie

Bruce Guthrie, an award-winning journalist from West Georgia, has established himself as a prominent fentanyl activist and professional speaker. His editorial career flourished as the managing editor for the newspapers of West Georgia, where he was responsible for the content of three newspapers, including the daily Times-Georgian, and two weeklies, the Villa Rican and Gateway-Beacon, along with the semi-monthly lifestyle magazine, West Georgia Living.

Guthrie’s academic journey in mass communications began at Ouachita Baptist University, leading to a significant chapter in the U.S. Army before venturing into sports journalism in 2007.

Over the last 16 years, he has held various roles, including sports writer, sports editor, and managing editor/general manager at different newspapers.

The tragic loss of his son, Cody, to fentanyl poisoning transformed Guthrie’s path, turning him into an ardent advocate for drug education. He has since dedicated his life to traveling and educating communities, parents, teachers, and students about the perils of fentanyl, highlighting its prevalence in overdose deaths and the need for heightened awareness and prevention.

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